CGA to VGA Modification
This modification will allow use of VGA monitors (CRT, LCD)* on
ETC MicroVision, MicroVisionFX, Insight, Concept, Expression I
family of lighting consoles.
* at CGA resolution
A CGA to VGA conversion card will be installed in the console*,
a VGA (HD15) monitor port will be added to the back
(in unused blank port), existing CGA (DB9) monitor port will still be active.
* Internal modification on consoles with no analog output card.
(generic photo of MicroVision)
$225.00 installed
(shipping to/from Technical Artistry additional if applicable)
For more information contact us at-
145 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10013-1548
212-989-6889 • fax 212-647-0256